Your Co-Pilot for safer driving

Safe Drive NZ is a navigation app that helps to address the main causes of automobile crashes.

  • Speeding

  • Distraction

  • Driver fatigue/tiredness

  • Driving to Weather Conditions

The app uses audio cues to alert drivers of potential risks related to these crash-causing factors.

How does it work?

Audio Nudges

Safe Drive NZ includes a number of different spoken alerts which are announced depending on the risk identified. These are guided by the principles of Nudge Based Intervention

"You have been driving for 2 hours. Please consider taking a 15-minute break for your safety."

"The current weather condition is rain. Please drive carefully as roads may be slippery, and turn on low beam head lights"

"Stay safe while driving. Using your phone increases crash risk by 2.8 times."

"Heads up! The speed limit here is 50km/h"

"Hey if you keep driving at this speed you'll only arrive 45 seconds earlier!"

"Warning! At this speed, you’re 1.2x more likely to have a major crash. Please slow down."


Smarter Navigation for
Safer Drivers

Most of the drives you do are the same every day, so you don't need to look at a map.Plug your destination into Safe Drive NZ and the app will keep an eye on your driving using best-of-breed technology to help you drive smarter and safer.

Virtual Speedometer

Safe Drive NZ uses your iPhone's accelerometer and GPS to monitor your speed so it can warn you if you're going too fast.

Accurate Speed Zones

Safe Drive NZ utilises a constantly updated database, provided by Waka Kotahi, of speed limit zones in NZ and instantly maps them to your location while driving.

Enterprise and Policy

Safer Drivers, Smarter Insights

Safer drivers, smarter insight. Safe Drive NZ for Enterprise offers a scalable driver management solution. Research-backed on-road behavioural improvement in your fleet's drivers and unparalleled data insights.


Drivers across the country utilised Safe Drive NZ for a variety of journeys, with over 500km logged the following improvements were identified:

35% Reduction in Speeding
30% Reduction in Distraction

Behavioural improvements

In the trial, fundamental behavioural improvements were also observed. On each subsequent journey, the frequency of speeding infractions decreased. Drivers were learning and becoming safer.

NIWA Science Fair 2023

Overall Winner

Project Details

I asked drivers to use Safe Drive NZ over a few typical driving journeys. The app provided anonymised data which was then used to assess the effectiveness of audio nudges. 

Baseline driving behaviour without audio interventions was collected on a driver's first complete journey.
Subsequent journeys including audio nudges were recorded to assess the effectiveness of the audio interventions.


  • Speeding was the most frequent infraction type

  • 35% decrease in speeding with audio interventions enabled.

  • Behaviour changes evident & replicated across multiple users and journeys.

  • Immediate rapid reduction of speed post audio interventions

  • 35% reduction in distraction infractions per 100km


  • NIWA Prize for best overall exhibit

  • Te Herenga Waka -- Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Science Innovation Prize

  • First in Class 5

  • Engineering New Zealand Prize

  • Te Herenga Waka -- Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Education

  • Te Herenga Waka -- Victoria University of Wellington School of Engineering and Computer Science

How to Test


Currently Safe Drive NZ is in beta mode so the more journeys logged, the better!Instructions on how to get Safe Drive on your phone are below.

  1. Tap the link below to install TestFlight.

  1. Come back here and tap the button below

Note - After installing, if you open TestFlight you might see a "Redeem" link top right.There's no need to tap "Redeem", simply come back to this page and tap the "Install Safe Drive" button